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On this page you'll find everything you need to know about our Club and how our activities are run.

Your resource is the Member's Handbook (pdf document - available here). The Member's Handbook explains: Club nights, when we swim, how to sign on, point scores, carnivals (preparation, entry forms, what to bring, how to prepare) club championships (championship carnival and handicap championship rules) and other vital information to make Club fun and enjoyable.

A Quick start summary is below:

Maroubra holds club nights every Friday at the Des Renford Leisure Centre (DRLC) our Club's home pool. We swim all year round (except school holidays). Races commence at 6:30 p.m. 

Each Friday, we swim freestyle and one form stroke (breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly) each week.

Distances swum at Club each week are 12.5, 25, 50 and 100 metres. We also include 100 and 200 IMs, 200m and 400m events. See our calendar for details.

In summer, club races are held in the outdoor 50m pool (unless foul weather sends us indoors). In winter, we race in the indoor 25m Competition Pool.

Our club nights provide a great opportunity for swimmers to put into practice their stroke and racing skills in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment. It also provides an great opportunity for families and parents to meet one another.

Maroubra is a member of the Metropolitan South East Area (MetSEA) , which is an association of 40+ Clubs within the City of Sydney, Eastern Suburbs and Sutherland areas. MetSEA runs a number of Area carnivals. This is a great opportunity for our swimmers to put their swimming skills and experience from Club nights to the test. More details here.

Signing On

Signing on for Friday club races can be made using our on line sign on before 5pm Friday or at in our Club Room on Friday evening from 5:45 onwards. Come to our Club room and our Chief Handicapper will enter swimmers into races. We use Meet Manager to organise and run our Club nights. AS FRIDAY CLUB RACES START AT 6.30 PM SHARP, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU SIGN-ON BEFORE 6.15 pm.

Between 6.00 pm and 6.20 pm the race organisers must enter all swimmers into heats and lanes.

Club Points System and Presentation Day

Every time a swimmer competes at club it is recorded and points are awarded based upon their times. Points are tracked using Meet Manager and Team Manager software (the software standard worldwide for swimming clubs and carnival management). Swimmers can check points awarded at our Top Times link. At the end of the season points are tallied and trophies presented at our Presentation Day. Our Club Championship carnival is the culmination of the Maroubra swimming season. More on points and distances swum here.

Des Renford Leisure Centre

The Des Renford Leisure Centre (DRLC) is Maroubra’s home pool and has been our home since 1961. Maroubra's Club and Carnival activities are planned in consultation with DRLC centre management and DRLC coaching staff. Maroubra has a special working relationship with Randwick City Council, which was recognised in a Memorandum of Understanding.

Parents & Officials

The club cannot run without volunteers and officials. We encourage and welcome all assistance on Friday nights, either by being a timekeeper or helping out with any of the social functions.

The club can also provide practical training during club nights to anyone interested in becoming a qualified NSW Swimming official (eg: timekeeper, marshall, check starter, starter, judge). We can then arrange lectures and the exams to become officially qualified.

The training and exams are all free and all are done here at the pool.

Member Protection Policy

Our Club adheres to the member protection policy issued by Australian Swimming Inc. The policy can be found at:

The member protection policy also contains a "Code of Behavior" for officials, competitors and spectators. An extract of that section can be accessed here: code of behaviour from Member Protection Policy

Code of Conduct

Our Club also has a Code of Conduct for parents. Please click here for the Code.

Why and How to Join

Joining is easy! Click the Join Now ! button on the Home page and fill in the appropriate details.

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Competitive Swimming

Maroubra is a competitive swimming club - with many great successes both past and present.  Maroubra competes at a many carnivals during the year. What to do when attending a meet Here is a summary of what our members should do when representing Maroubra Swimming Club: Wear the...

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